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Info - Read before joining -

:bulletred:Welcome to OC-Art-trade!:bulletred:

Here you will be able to enter monthly art trades that are randomly matched and remain a secret till the artist posts their part of the trade.

It is kinda like a Secret Santa event, but it lasts all year round!!

Please remember: only club related art from the sign-ups are meant to be in the folders. Art trades that do not belong to our monthly sign-up system are NOT ALLOWED


:bulletpurple: You need to finish the previous round you are in to enter another.
:bulletpurple: All levels of artists are welcome. The more the merrier!
:bulletpurple: All types of trades are allowed - paintings, drawings, plushies, jewelry, cosplay...
:bulletpurple: Finish and submit your image to the months' group folder before the deadline, which would usually be at the end of each month.
:bulletpurple: No submissions on lined paper (use blank paper instead of binder paper)
:bulletpurple: No poor scans/photos (if it's blurry and shadowy, you need to rescan/retake it to be counted)
:bulletpurple: Pictures cannot be traced/stolen art and needs to show some effort
:bulletpurple: No plain b&w lineart with no shading (means, b&w lineart needs to at least be shaded in or colored)
:bulletpurple: Be on time! If you do not submit your trade by one week after the deadline and you have not arranged an extension, you will be blocked from the group without further notice. First offense lasts for three trades after; any offense after that will be for an entire year. In both cases, you will need to contact the admin to be unblocked after your penalty time is up.
:bulletpurple: Put in effort! We will let you know once if we think your trade is drastically subpar compared to your other works, and if you continue to struggle with this on a future trade, we will enact some requirements (i.e. needs to be waist-up and/or in color and/or shaded etc.)


The first part of the survey is the link to your journal or page that has your OC references and personality descriptions of them. I am making this a requirement; you must have one separate page with your references and the personality descriptions accompanying them, either in the description or the journal/gallery/page itself. If you don't give me a single link, I can't sign you up. Read more details in the Joining section below.

We've added a question in the sign-up survey to ask each person's preference on the skill-level matching process. If you want to be judged on skill level and matched up to others deemed to be on equal level, please answer "yes" on the question; if you'd rather stick with the completely randomized process of match-ups like before, please answer "no".

For those who say yes, if we do not have an available partner for your skill level, tell us whether you want to drop out (i.e. "yes") and not participate in the round, or if you'd like us to place you with either the randomized match-ups or with a different skill level bracket (i.e. "no"). We may pair up adjacent skill levels if particular brackets are short of participants, but we will stick strictly to your equivalent skill level if you answer "yes". We do make judgments based on previous trades for skill level, so do your best work on these trades!

We are adding another question for the cases where an artist is unable to draw certain types of subjects; male/female or human/anthro/feral in particular. You can tell us in this section and we will avoid pairing you with someone who only has that type of OC in their roster.

Related, there is a question that will ask what kinds of OCs are available in your roster (so, human males/females, anthro males/females, feral males/females); this is to make it easier for me to match you up with your optimal partner.

Please remember, however: the more you eliminate, the harder it will be to match you. In the worst case scenario, if there is no match available, I will have to drop you from the round because there's no one you can draw for. =( This risk is compounded if you also want to be matched by skill level, so please choose your restrictions carefully.

To alleviate this risk, I am adding a question onto that where you can say if you want to drop out if your restrictions cannot be arranged. If you don't want to be dropped, instead you will redesign your partner's OC to be in the type of drawing you can do (so, if you can only draw females, drawing a male genderswapped; or if you can only draw humans, drawing a feral as a human). I'm assuming that if you want to redesign others' OCs if you can't get your able subjects, you also wouldn't mind your OC being redesigned, but if you are okay with one but not the other just explain your distinction here.

So, to sum up, here is the survey you need to post in the comment:

* Link: (link to your journal/gallery/page that has your OC references and descriptions in it)
* OCs you have: male or female humans, male or female anthros, male or female ferals
* Skill level: Yes/No
* Drop if none?: Yes/No/(n/a)
* Cannot draw: male/female, human/anthro/feral
* Redesign or Drop?: Redesign/Drop/(n/a)

Let us know if you will not be able to make the deadline, or if you have any questions or concerns. The sooner you let us know the better.


:bulletorange:In order to join a trade, you will need create a journal entry/a gallery folder with your characters in it (it can be on deviantart,, or elsewhere). Then comment with the link and survey to the journal entry for the month you would like to join. Then, after making sure you don't have any outstanding issues with your comment, wait for the note with the match-up!

:bulletorange: What the journal/gallery folder will need:
:pointr: Character's name
:pointr: A reference image
:pointr: A little description about their personality.

Please note that each bullet point is required; I will ask you to add the character description(s) to your journal/gallery if I don't see it and will not add you until it is done. It doesn't need to be a long paragraph; just a few words describing their personality is sufficient, though a longer description is more than welcome. Also, some sense of organization is necessary; someone must be able to find individual OCs, their references, and their descriptions easily without searching through the entire gallery to find them.

You can have as many characters as you would like to post in it; it is highly preferred if you have at least two characters in your roster. If you want, you can also have a suggestion of which character you'd like to be drawn, though the artist is free to pick another character.



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Just wanted to warn everyone that I likely won't be able to send out notes until after the 13th, as I'll be out of town for the rest of the week and weekend.  I'll do my best to get them ready as soon as I can when I get back, but with this many new people, the skill level matching will take a bit more time than usual.  As a reminder, if you think you can't get your trade done by the end of the month, you can ask me for an extension.  Thank you for your patience, everyone!
So, for the previous month there were two artists who didn't complete their trades, and have been blocked.  Here is the journal for missing trades that was promised.

Would someone be willing to volunteer to do a replacement artwork for TenMomentsTill or Femaledragonknight? Note, you wouldn't get something back from the person you sign up for, since it is meant to replace the trade art that they already did for their previous round. Please comment if you are interested in helping out!

Anyone who participates here has 1 month (or specifically, until after the next trade's sign-ups) to do his/her piece. If the picture isn't up within that amount of time, I will reset the status and re-post them with the next month's missing trades journal.

As a note, since this has been an issue, please make it official with me in the comments before starting on a volunteer trade, otherwise I'll end up signing up someone to volunteer when the artist already has one.

TenMomentsTill - References
:bulletgreen: Volunteer: Cranash64

Femaledragonknight - References
:bulletyellow: Volunteer: Fuzzy-Cupcakes

:bulletwhite: no volunteer yet
:bulletyellow: volunteer in progress
:bulletgreen: artwork done!
More Journal Entries

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OssifiedInk Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Howdy, art trades are open <3 feel free to message me via note or on my home page

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oO-Kiri-Oo Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ello all, I'm open for art trades! I can do any kind of animal, just don't ask me to do human/anthro cuz I suck at em :x
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